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Stoller Vineyards

Stoller Vineyards

Stoller Vineyards is located at almost the center of the North Willamette Appellation and its soils and slope make it an accurate representation of Oregon’s North Willamette Pinot noir vineyards.

The careful planning of owner and consultants, and the experience drawn from previously planted vineyards, make this site's vineyard a true "second generation" Oregon vineyard. The vineyard incorporates spacing, trellising, clonal selections, and irrigation techniques that have been developed over the last 30 years by pioneering winemakers across the Willamette Valley.


Stoller Vineyard is owned by Bill and Cathy Stoller. The property as a whole is 375 acres, and encompasses the family turkey farm near where owner Bill Stoller grew up. When Bill and Cathy purchased the turkey farm from his cousin, they were already involved in the wine world as co-owners of Chehalem, and when they took over the farm it became apparent that grape vines were the best use for the property. Their logo does include a drawing of a turkey, however, thus giving the bird due recognition for many years of soil amendment.


Stoller SV Estate Pinot Noir 09

Aromas include plums, black cherries, violets and fresh turned earth with exotic spices. Flavors include such dark fruits ...



$43.45 Regular

Stoller Vineyards JV Chardonnay 2010

Aromas of Anjou pear, lemon zest, vanilla bean, kumquat and lime blossoms with overtones of flint and mineral. Flavors o...



$22.45 Regular

Stoller Vineyards SV Estate Chardonnay 09

2008 Vintage Tasting Notes

Our 2008 SV Estate Chardonnay reflects the balance and purity of our...



$29.95 Regular

Stoller Vineyards JV Pinot noir 2011

This elegant, spicy Pinot noir is a flavorful mix of sweet cherry and berry flavors with hints of earth and spice.



$26.95 Regular

More About Stoller Vineyards

With the advice of Harry Peterson-Nedry (Chehalem co-owner), Patrice Rion (winemaker from Burgundy who has given them advice over the years), vineyard consultant Allen Holstein, and Joel Myers, they planted 10 acres each of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The vineyard now encompasses 121 acres, mostly planted to Pinot noir.

Vineyard Overview

Stoller Vineyard was planted with tight spacing, and a minimum density of 1250 vines per acre and a max of 2600 per acre. This European style tight spacing helps to stress the vines and encourage smaller clusters of intensely flavored fruit. The vines selected reflect the experience of Stoller’s coinsultants and encompass both clones that were first planted in Oregon in the 70’s (Wadensvil & Pommard) and new, “second generation” clones (Dijon 113, 114, 115, 777 , and 667).

The vineyard has steep hillsides, rocky, low yielding Jory type soil, and the terrain bears a distinct resemblance to the famed Corton Vineyard in Burgundy, leading some winemakers to refer to Stoller as “Corton Hill”.

The Winemaker

Melissa Burr has been the chief winemaker for Stoller Vineyards for the past nine vintages. Under her guidance, Stoller's Chardonnays and Pinot noirs have received high praise and good scores from numerous sources. Her interest in wine started at a wine tasting she happened onto at an organic grocery store. She then studied winemaking at Chemeketa and fermentation science at OSU. She has gotten experience along the way by working with great teachers like Rich Cushman, Ray Walsh, and, of course, Harry Peterson-Nedry of Chehalem who is in partnership with the Stoller family. Stoller's current offerings are either designated SV for “senior vines” or JV for “junior vines”.

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