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Zoot Allures "Willamette Valley" Pinot Noir 2006


$16.88 - Case price
(any 12 or more bottles)

Price: $18.75


Matt Kramer. the February 3, 2008 Oregonian, had this to say about the J Christpher Zoot Allures: "richly fruity, succulent pinot noir from Jay Somers of J. Christopher Wines fame. It's never been clear why Somers chooses to bottle some wines under his "secondary" label, called Zoot Allures (a 1976 album by Frank Zappa), rather than J. Christopher. Call it artistic preference."

Kramer continues: "Whatever the reason, Zoot Allures "Willamette Valley" Pinot Noir 2006 is a winner. It's a luscious, supple, classically fruity 2006 Oregon pinot noir redolent of black cherries. With a good burger, an order of fries and maybe Zappa on the turntable (should you happen to have both such antiquities), this pinot noir is an ideal accompaniment."

"Not least is the exceptionally good price: $19 a bottle. That's about 10 bucks a bottle less than many other Oregon 2006 pinot noirs of comparable quality. Only 300 cases were made..." -- Matt Kramer, The Oregonian 2/3/08

J Christopher's Zoot Allures' intriguing nose shows incredible depth for the price. The initial pleasant earthiness opens up to ripe raspberry and sweet cinnamon. Light to mid weight in the mouth, it has a lingering finish with balanced acidity that would work well with grilled salmon kebabs or mushroom risotto. Made predominately of pommard there is a richness that belies the price.

Zoot Allures is the second label for J Christopher Wines and features the Somers' two dogs on the label. This is a sought after great value Pinot noir, made in very small amts each year.


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