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Feature Articles

Shea Wine Cellars
2004 Pinot noirs
Tasting Notes
and Reviews-
A new level of Excellence

Evesham Wood
"Think Globally, Harvest Locally

by Alison Ruch

Shea Vineyard
In Depth Tour,
Block by Block

Oregon Harvest

Bottling the
2004 Vintage
From Vine to You

Betz Family Winery
New Winery,
New Syrahs

October 2005

Josh Bergstrom
on Oregon's
2004 Vintage

Avalon Recommends:
Our Favorite Wines September 2005

It's Harvest Time 2005,
and Winemakers
Rock the Cellar!
Music Winemakers
Make Wine To

My Secret Ingredient: Smoked Spanish Paprika
by Michael Sherwood

Smoked Spanish Paprika Recipes
by Michael Sherwood

IPNC 2005
A Review
by Prince of Pinot

Mystic Winery
Gettin’ Purple
with Mystic Winemaker
Rick Mafit

Smoking Meat

NW Style
Expertise and Recipes from a Smokin' Guy

Temperance Hill Vineyard
Manager Dai Crisp on Grape Vines and Great Wines

Wild West Walla Walla
Washington Wineries Rival Napa, Without the Crowds

Think Pink!
Pacific Northwest Rosé

Lone Canary Winery
A Winery with
a Flock of Many Colors

Working Girl

You Go Girl- Working Girl Wines the Product of Real Working Women

Oregon Wine Dinner:
The Asparagus Challenge

The Okanagan

Pioneers & Innovators

Ice Wine

The Washington Wine Industry
has a Friend in the Governor’s Mansion

On the
Pinot Noir Trail

It's Hip to Spit

Latitude 46° N

Belle Vallée Cellars

Not just for Breakfast Anymore

Champagne Cocktails-
A Compendium of Recipes and Lore

Oregon Pinot noir- What to Expect in 2005

Dueling Crabcakes-
Mike Sherwood on
NW Food & Wine

Big Reds-
new Releases

New Winery-
A Photo Tour

Ken Wright's Tyrus Evan

Vacuvin vs Private Preserve

Veronique Drouhin

Dubrul Vyd
has Own Winery

New Superstars

21st Century Vineyard

A True NW WInery

Aren't We All

Cole on the
2004 Harvest

Charlie Hoppes
& Fidelitas
"Cream of the Crop"

Ciel du Cheval

New Superstars

Fall Mushrooms
and Northwest Wines

Nota Bene-
First Release of Wines from Another Boeing Guy

2002 Vintage-
and the
Climate Changes
that Brought It

Winemaker Interview
Trey Busch
Basel Cellars

Cool Climate

Is This the End of the Willamette Valley’s Great Vintages?

What's so Scary
about Screwcaps?

by Cole Danehower

Corral Creek Vineyard

Aging Wine

Saviah Cellars
A Sense of Place

Shea Vineyard
In depth

Weather and Winemaking


Canoe Ridge Vineyard

Cataclysm, Light
& Passion:
Washington Terroir,
soils, and Light

Oregon Pinot noir


Each month Avalon publishes several feature articles on topics related to the Northwest Wine world. At left is a list of current articles.

Below is a list of most poular articles from past years.

Star Vintner Domaine Drouhin Oregon:
a profile and interview with
Winemaker Veronique Drouhin-Boss

By Jim Clarke
A French invasion sent ripples through the Oregon winemaking community in 1988. They didn’t come en masse, the way Champagne producers came to California. Only one producer made the journey, but in the close, neighborly fraternity of Oregonian winemaking, they made a splash - like a Peugeot in a pond.

Okay, so maybe Maison Joseph Drouhin isn’t that big, but their impact on Oregonian winemaking was dramatic. Winemaker Veronique Drouhin-Boss feels that at the time, “Oregon was not a well-known region, and the fact that a famous producer from Burgundy came to Oregon brought some credibility to the area.” The state first caught the eye of Robert Drouhin, the head of Burgundy’s Maison Joseph Drouhin, during a visit to the Pacific Northwest back in 1961. He stayed in touch with the then-nascent winemaking community and got to know some of the area’s pioneers, like David Adelsheim and David Lett. Lett’s Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir would later bring worldwide attention to Oregonian Pinot Noir by taking first place at a 1979 tasting competition in Paris.

“Fidelitas Wines Rising to the Cream of the Crop and the Top”
By Christina Kelly
Charlie Hoppes has something that can’t be taught in the wine industry—a gut instinct that nudges him when grapes are ready to pick, alerts him when he reaches the “ah-ha” point of blending wines and intuitively informs him what a wine will taste like a year or two down the road in the bottle.

2004 Vintage Preview
by Cole Danehower
No one can claim that Vintage 2004 in northern Oregon has been easy! Throughout the year, from January 1 until the end of September, weather weirdness has tried the patience and taxed the skills of Oregon’s Pinot noir growers and winemakers. And yet, as the first fruit to be harvested starts to arrive for processing, winemakers are finally beginning to smile. While it may not be an easy vintage in which to make great wine, great winemakers should rise to the challenge and be able to make the kinds of Pinot noir wines we ’ve all come to love so much.

Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
by Cole Danehower
When wine experts consider Washington State’s great vineyards, one name that consistently appears near the top of any list is Ciel du Cheval Vineyard in the Red Mountain AVA. Famed for the elegance and complexity of the wines it produces, Ciel du Cheval and its owner Jim Holmes have become near-legendary exemplars of what Washington wine is all about.

Jimi Brooks Memoriam
Jimi Brooks died of an apparent heart attack at his home in McMinnville, Oregon on Saturday. A memorial service will be held at 1 pm, Sunday, Sept. 12 at the Hidden Springs Winery, 10100 S.E. Eola Hills Road, Amity, OR. Shock waves reverberated throughout the Northwest wine industry as the news of Brooks’ death hit people returning from the Labor Day weekend.

What's So Screwy (or is it scary) About Screw Caps?
by Cole Danehower
You know, I used to be like you. “Screw caps!” I said, “I’ll never give up my trusty cork.” But no more. I have seen the light—or more accurately, I have tasted the wine. And now I’ve traded in that crusty old cork for the fresh-fangled reliability of twist cap enclosures.

Climate Change and the 2002 Vintage
by Harry Peterson-Nedry
Is 2002 a great Oregon Pinot noir vintage, or just a great press release? All years are not created equal. We innately look for differences to intrigue the intellectually curious, to celebrate a product that is much like art in its ability to reflect diversity and stimulate creativity, to create a high-C against the choral sameness of passing years.

Trellising the Vineyard- Unsung Aspect of Wine
by Cole Danehower
Most wine drinkers never think about how the grapes that made their wine hang on the vine. Yet every winemaker worries intensely about the details of how to best trellis their vineyard vines in order to get the optimum ripeness for their grapes. Grape vine trellising is, for us consumers, an unsung yet vital component of what we finally taste in the bottle.

Beaux Freres: The Fascination of Handcrafted Pinot noir
by Jean Yates

For Lynn Penner-Ash, Winemakng is a Passion
by Cole Danehower

It all comes out in the Blend for A to Z Wineworks!
by Cole Danehower

Rollin Soles: Winemaker --- Oregon Wine through the Eyes if a Texan
by Ellen Shapiro

Balcombe Vineyard -- Patricia Green Cellars
by Jean Yates
Balcombe Vineyard is only 7.25 acres, but its importance to PGC, and to Oregon pinot noir lovers, is greater than its size would suggest. From this vineyard, divided into five sections, come some of the best Pinots made by Patty.

Wine Tale- Generosity
by Christina Kelly

Sineann's Block One Cabernet Sauvignon -
Avalon Flash Email

Oregon Vintage 2002- " Outstanding" 94 Points

Oregon’s Great ‘02s: The best Vintage?
by Cole Danehower


Sineann and Owen Roe- 2002 Releases- Dubrul,
Champoux Block One, Dessert wines, winery updates

Washington Wine News
Low Temperatures may distress crops

by Anna King

Washington Wine News-
Winter Worries-
Cold Temperatures can mean Devastation

by Andy Perdue

Oregon Vintage 2003
"What the Grapes Gave us"

Oregon Vintage 2003- Barrel Tasting Notes
by Cole Danehower

Betz Family Winery
2001 Releases, update on Bob's "retirement", WA harvest 2003 predictions

Chris Camarda on
Vineyard Management

An interview with Andrew Will winemaker and owner on how to optimize vineyards in Washington, especially his "two Blondes" estate vineyard.

Evesham Wood Winery
Burgundian organic hidden gem in the Salem Hills

Adelsheim's David Paige
Winemaker Interview

Bergstrom Winery Interview
Interview with Josh Bergstrom, for whom
the vineyard is everything, and high ratings show that wine experts agree!

Francis Tannahill Winery Profile
Sam Tannahill of Archery Summit fame + Cheryl Francis of Chehalem =
One 14 month old son named Theo, and a new winery.

Canoe Ridge Winery Profile
and Winemaker Interview

Canoe Ridge is a Winery, as well as a vineyard. The release of their new Merlot Reserve 2001 prompted a re-examination of this Estate. The Merlot Reserve is luscious!

Five Star Cellars
A new generation of young Walla Walla winemakers (Cayuse, K Vintners) is joined by a young man whose Cab and Merlot are turning heads and pleasing palates.

NW Sparkling Wines
Cole D on NW Sparklers

About Sparkling Wine
by Jim LaMar

Domaine Meriwether
and the Lewis and Clark expedition
Celebrating Oregon's History

Shea Wine Cellars
2002 Tasting Notes
A "Homer" from Shea Stadium

Canon de Sol-
first winery in WA state to be Latino Owned

Benton Lane's
" Healthiest Pinot noir"

Gypsy Dancer Estates
" Trio of Terroirs for Pinot noirs"
bu Jean Yates

How & Why Pinot noir Ages
by Lisa Shara Hall

About Oregon Pinot noir
by Jim LaMar

A History of Oregon Wine
by Lisa Shara Hall
Exerpted from her book

Preview of New Fall 2003 Releases
Andrew Rich, Roussanne, Hells Canyon, Seven Hills, Woodward Canyon

Fielding Hills Winery
Sumptuous reds and tremendous promise

Harvest 2003
Oregon Vintage 2003- Big, Dark, and Soft
by Cole Danehower

How to Read a Wine Label - Part One
by Jim LaMar

Oregon Wine Board
Promise for a new era

Columbia Cascades Region Report
New area with many promising wineries

Italian Varietals Thrive in Pacific Northwest
The Range of Grapes has been Growing Rapidly

Townshend Cellar

" Huckleberries Open the Door For Townshend Cellars" "Lush Grape Wines to Follow"

Cataclysm, Light, & Passion
How Washington Came to Produce Some of the World's Greatest Wines

Woodward Canyon
Woodward Canyon Daughter wins Label Design Silver Medal

McCrea Cellars
is Seriously Hedonistic

Francis Tannahill Winery
" Two Oregon Winemakers Share Name, Philosophies and New Offerings"

International Pinot Noir Celebration

A Photo Journal
by Jean Yates, Avalon owner

Zelma Long
" Northwest Native Zelma Long Returns to Her Roots As Wine Consultant"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

Cadence Winery
" Keeping Pace With Cadence: Bordeaux Blends Bigger, Better"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"The Plate is Full for Harlequin Wine Cellars"
" Two Wineries, a Pike Place Tasting Room and a Miracle Baby"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"Tyrus Evan Shows Off the Diversity/Talents of Ken Wright"

by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

Kathy Casey on Cheese
Recipes and pairings with Northwest Wines

Welcome new contributor Kathy Casey, Seattle's Doyenne of Fun Food!

Seafood and Northwest Wine
Recipes from Alaska's Seafood Council with suggested NW wine pairings

"Mushrooms and Oregon Pinot Noir: A Kiss of Culinary Perfection"
by Christina Kelly

Recipes to Serve with NW Wines

Bananas Foster, Caesar Salad, lots more!

"Woodward Canyon and L’Ecole Wineries Side-by-Side in Location, History"

By Christina Kelly

"Twenty Years of Schooling Keeps L'Ecole Wines at the Head of the Class"
by Christina Kelly

"Fidelitas: True to the Terroir of the Columbia Valley"

by Christina Kelly

"These Pharmacists dispensing
more than Medicine"

by Christina Kelly

"Opportunities, Love Come to French-Born Winemaker at Forgeron"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"Northstar brings back Gordy Hill to Produce Merlot"
by Christina Kelly

"Betz Family Wines Truly a Family Affair"
by Christina Kelly

Colvin Vineyards

Paschal Winery: Dobbes takes over "Diamond-in-the-rough" to make Polished Gems
by Christina Kelly

Benton Lane: Pinot to the People

Hip Chicks Do Wine

Abacela Winery: Southern Oregon Winemaker Bets on the "Newness of Old Grape"
by Christina Kelly

"Patricia Green Cellars Below the Radar"
by Christina Kelly

Owen Roe: "A Winemaker's Dream, Living the Life of O'Reilly"
by Christina Kelly

Sineann: "The Wines of Sineann Continue to Shine"
by Christina Kelly

Allen Shoup's Long Shadows Winery: "Dream Team of Winemakers Comes to Play in the Northwest"
by Christina Kelly

"McCrea Cellars Producing Southern Rhone Blends"
by Christina Kelly

Focus on Syrah
Nw Wineries producing this spicy wine
to high aclaim

Beaux Freres 2001

"Maysara Estate Evolves from Owner's Childhood Memories"
by Christina Kelly

Taste Washington

"Woodward Canyon Promotes Winemaker"
by Christina Kelly

Dunham Merger

Kiona Vineyard Winery
"A 20 Year overnight Success"

OWAB revamp

"Andrew Will Winery Reduces offerings to Concentrate on intense Bordeaux Blends"
by Christina Kelly

Wine By Joe!

Shea Vineyards Winery:
" A Homer from Shea Stadium"

Shea Vineyard in Depth
by Cole Danehower
Shea Vineyard name has become one of the most prestigious labels in Oregon, placing it squarely among the elite terroirs of New World Pinot noir. “We’re working with people who are pushing the envelope,” says owner Dick Shea, “discovering new things every vintage to make their wine better. You have to constantly be on top of things—you can never rest on your laurels.”

Quail Run Vineyard
Don and Traute Moore own one of the most important Southern Oregon vineyards, producing grapes for Oregon and Washington wineries.

Washington Wine News
Low Temperatures may distress crops

by Anna King

Washington Wine News- Winter Worries-
Cold Temperatures can mean Devastation

by Andy Perdue

Oregon Vintage 2003 "What the Grapes Gave us"
by Cole Danehower

How & Why Pinot noir Ages
by Lisa Shara Hall

About Oregon Pinot noir
by Jim LaMar

Oregon Pinot noir Flavor Dscriptors Chart
from UC Davis

Italian Varietals Thrive in Pacific Northwest
The Range of Grapes has been Growing Rapidly

Focus on Syrah
NW Wineries producing this spicy wine to high aclaim

Meet the people of the Pacific Northwest Wine World.
Since 1999, Avalon has published interviews with Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia's most interesting wine people. Read the fascinating stories behind the wines you love, and develop a more in-depth understanding of how wine people think.
Winery Profiles
Learn about the wineries- read about their history, people, wines, vineyards, successes and challenges, and get a sense of the who, what, when, where of the winery.
Feature Articles
Each month Avalon publishes feature articles on different aspects of the Pacigic Northwest wine world. Historical tales of each state's wine industry, geological tales of how the geography and climate of the Northwest evolved, reports on different wine regions, and food and travel info are included.

Columns and Opinions
Read the musings of wine writers Cole Danehower and Christina Kelly, and keep up with Wine Press NW's "Wine of the Week". Avalon owner Jean Yates talks wine from her "Kitchen Counter Chronicles", and occasional guest writers talk NW wine.

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Paley's Place and Dusky Goose Pinot noir- new article
Wine Spectator rates Oregon's 2002 vintage 97 points

New section- under $20 Pinot noirs
New Section- $20-$30 Oregon Pinot noir