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Tasting Oregon & Washington Wine

Sensory Evaluation of Wine & Hosting a Wine Tasting

So much jargon and special knowledge to drinking wine. Is all this stuff really necesary? No, not for the most part. Drink what you like, enjoy it, and to heck with what the wine snobs say.

But if you're curious about all the esoterica around the wine experience, here are some articles on the ways wine professionals think about and work with wine. We focus on how to taste wine, and why it's done- and we've got some blank tasting note forms for you to print out and try.

Whether it's a type of wine - like Pinot noir or sparkling - or a way to understand it better - what to look for when you taste wine, how to write tasting notes, how wines are rated - there's lots of information here. Enjoy!

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Learn About Washington Wine

Learn About Northwest Wine

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