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New Boutique Co-op
in Oregon Thinks Green

by Lisa Shara Hall

Hamacher Wines Launches Nation's
First 'Green' Co-op Winemaking Facility

By Christina Kelly





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Hamacher Wines

Winemaker Eric Hamacher founded Hamacher Wines with his wife Luisa Ponzi in 1995. Their objective was simple: to handcraft high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. By letting this goal guide the winery, it has, in less than a decade, become one of the most respected and sought after of Oregon's many great producers. The relatively small winery, which produces only 2,000 cases a year, is featured in nearly a dozen markets in the U.S. and exported around the world.

Hamacher Wines produces small quantities of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In each vintage the goal is to craft wines of elegance, supple texture and balance. Hamacher makes his wines traditionally, with minimal intervention and handling, using wild yeast and bacteria, aging for almost a year and a half in barrel before racking by gas pressure, and blending and bottling by gravity.

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Andrew Rich Winery

When Andrew Rich moved from Santa Cruz, California, to Portland, Oregon, in 1994-after a six-year stint at Bonny Doon Vineyard-it was with the idea of giving Rhône varietals a particularly Northwest spin. Pity the grapes just weren't there yet.

With the 1999 vintage, the Syrah finally came in, but in the meanwhile Rich turned his attention to Pinot Noir and Cabernet, the flagship grapes of Oregon and Washington. Mainstream, sure, but in a brave act of redemption he has taken up the cause of the noble and greatly underappreciated Chenin Blanc, and continues to make a case for Rosé. His Sauvignon Blanc has a following that buys up his entire supply a few months after release.

Two labels exist, both of which have won numerous design awards. Tabula Rasa ("blank slate") is the post-card label, originally reserved for blended wines, while varietal wines made in limited quantities are designated Les Vigneaux ("The Little Vineyards"). The current ensemble comprises an octet of highly distinctive wines-white, pink, red, redder, sweet-culminating in the sensuous, opulent, and oh-so-well-balanced Gewurztraminer ice wine.

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Penner Ash

Penner Ash is a family winery, the dream of long time Rex Hill winemaker Lynn Penner Ash and her husband, Ron Penner Ash. They founded the winery in 2000, made their first wines for the 2000 vintage, and planted eight acres of their estate vineyard in April of 2003.

While they will eventually build a winery on their winery land, located on Ribbon Ridge above Beaux Freres and Patricia Green Cellars, for the next few years, they make their wine at the Carlton Winemakers Studio, a cooperative winery facility.

The mission at Penner-Ash Wine Cellars is to produce limited quantities of carefully crafted Pinot Noir and Syrah. Lynn and Ron work in partnership with their growers, who share their commitment to optimal viticulture using such methods as timely shoot positioning, leaf removal and early crop thinning. Lynn and Ron's 80 acres of land on Ribbon Roadare above Beaux Freres and Patty Green Cellars.

The Penner-Ashes plan to plant 20 acres to Pinot noir at the winery, and planted their first 5 acres in April of 2003. Meanwhile, their wines for 2002 were made from grapes sourced from Seven Springs, Palmer Creek, Shea, La Colina and Momtazi Vineyards, and Syrah (the new darling of the Willamette Valley producers) from the Del Rio and Lewis Vineyards in warmer Southern Oregon.

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Ribbon Ridge Vineyard

Bryce Vineyard

Boedecker Cellars

Scott Paul Wines


Lazy River Vineyard

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