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"Cult Wine Covet Cases"

  Best Oregon and Washington Wine

"To Covet": wish, long, or crave for something -- That pretty much defines our "Covet Cases". Here are mixed six and twelve packs of sold out or extremely allocated Northwest wines.

Covet cases make great gifts, especially to yourself! If you've been wanting to turn a friend on to the best of the Northwest, these cases will impress even the most experienced wine aficionado. If you want a selection of very fine Northwest wines for a tasting club or special dinner, one of these cases will show off your most savory recipes.

All of the "Covet Cases" are extremely limited. In some cases, like the Shea Wine Cellars, Beaux Freres, and Leonetti wines, there are only a few bottles left.

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Shea Vineyard "Covet Case"

Of all the New World Pinot noir vineyards, Shea Vineyard is ranked near the top. It has been named one of ten "Grand Cru" US Pinot noir vineyards, and wine made from its fruit has received the highest ratings ever given to Oregon Pinot noir by both Robert Parker and Wine Spectator.

Shea Wine Cellars Homer
Shea Winemaker adjusting hoses to move "Homer" to the bottling line


Extremely high demand for the fruit of Shea Vineyard allows owner Dick Shea to sell fruit to only the very best wineries. The name Shea is synonymous with quality in Oregon and California Pinot noir.

A few years ago Dick began to make very small amounts of his own Shea Wine Cellars Pinot noirs. As winery leases for Shea fruit ended, Dick saved the very best for his own label.

The best of Dick's own wines is the Shea Wine Cellars "Homer" Pinot noir. Each year, if the vintage is good enough, "Homer" is made from best few barrels of the best Pinot noir from the best blocks of one of the best Pinot noir vineyards in the country. There's so little of it, that when winemaker Chris Matzepink (at left, preparing the pump to send "Homer" to the bottler) was hauling a couple of five gallon buckets of the wine to prime the bottling machine, if he'd dropped them, a good percentage of the Homer would go running down the drain. You better believe he was walking very very carefully.


Shea VIneyard "Covet Case" Contents:

1 bottle- --- Broadley Vineyards Pinot noir "Shea" 04 $50
1 bottle ---- Beaux Freres Belles Soeurs Pinot noir 04 $45
2 bottles --- Westrey Pinot noir "Shea" 02 $35.95
8 bottles --- Shea Wine Cellars "Homer" Pinot noir 04 $75

$690.00 case price reflects $77 discount from retail


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Champoux Vineyard Covet Case

Champoux Vineyard
Thinking about Champoux Cabs
in the shower

What started out as a one-time email offering has turned into a most requested item! Champoux Vineyard has more fans than we realized - and this selection of some of the best wines made from the vineyard rocks. Champoux is one of Washington's oldest vineyards and the wines from it get top ratings year after year. The vineyard is jointly owned by Woodward Canyon, Quilceda Creek, and Andrew Will wineries.

The Champoux Vineyard's Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were planted in 1972, making the vineyard one of the oldest still producing in the Pacific Northwest.

Champoux Covet Case Contents

3 bottles -- Sineann Block One Cabernet Sauvignon 04 $65
3 bottles ---Andrew Will Sorella 03 $68.95
2 bottles ---Andrew Will Champoux Red 03 $52.95
2 bottles--- Woodward Canyon Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 02 $68.95
2 bottles ---Fidelitas Cabernet Sauvignon Champoux Vineyard 03 $55.00
case price


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Oregon 2004 Pinot Noir "Covet Case"

Beaux Freres Pinot noir
Beaux Freres Winery

Oregon's tiny 2004 vintage is rated 90-94 points by Wine Spectator (that's quite good) and the wines have sold out quickly. Memorial Day is usually the time when wineries sell their new releases, but many of the best Oregon Pinot noir producers have already sold out of their tiny 2004 production. Here's a case of incredibly limited, soooo allocated, mostly 2004 Pinots, with a couple of older vintage wines of exceptional quality.

At left, Beaux Freres WInery. Their Estate 2004, Belles Soeurs 2004, and (surprise!) the exceedingly limited Upper Terrace 04 (only available in this case pack) are three of the most hotly sought after Pinots from the vintage.

Oregon 2004 Pinot noir Covet Case Contents:
Very few cases available, sorry if we're sold out when you order

1 bottle -----Beaux Freres Pinot noir "Upper Terrace" 04 $90
or 1 bottle- Beaux Freres Pinot noir Estate 03 $90
let us know your preference in the notes field of the shopping cart
1 bottle- --- Domaine Drouhin Pinot noir Laurene 02 $55
or 1 bottle - Bergstrom Pinot noir Shea 04 $55
let us know your preference in the notes field of the shopping cart
1 bottle ---- Penner Ash Pinot noir Willamette Valley 04 $45
1 bottle ---- Beaux Freres Pinot noir Estate 04 $75
1 bottle ---- Beaux Freres Belles Soeurs Pinot noir 04 $45
1 bottle ---- Argyle Spirithouse Pinot noir 03 $60
1 bottle ---- Dusky Goose Pinot noir 03 $45
1 bottle ---- Shea Wine Cellars "Homer" Pinot noir 04 $75
1 bottle ---- Bergstrom Pinot noir Bergstrom Estate Vineyard 04 $75
1 bottle ---- Shea Wine Cellars Pinot noir "Wadenswil" 04 $47.95
1 bottle ---- Broadley Vineyards Pinot noir Shea Vineyard 04 $50
1 bottle ---- Brick House Winery Pinot noir Cuvee du Tonnelier 04 $45.95

$699.00 case price


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Northwest Best of the Big Reds "Covet Case"

Northwest Big Red Wines
Be a golden egg, not a lemming!
(OK, it's a stretch....)

Dare to be different!
Are you in your third year of waiting to be raised to the candidacy for membership on the waiting list of the $350 a bottle California "Hollerin' Buzzard Winery" customer list? Are you excluded from the customer list of California's "Louie Weeton Versatchie Winery" because you dared to decline a shipment back in 1982?

Maybe it's time to try the best
Big Reds of the Pacific Northwest.

Here's a case of some big names and some lesser knowns, all among the very finest examples of mostly Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and vineyard designate blends (we'd call them Meritage but we'd have to charge an extra $40 a bottle).


Northwest Big Reds "Covet Case" contains:

1 bottle -- Sineann Cabernet Sauvignon "Block One" 03 $65
1 bottle -- Spring Valley "Uriah" 03 $45 (WS 94 pts)
1 bottle -- Owen Sullivan (O-S) "R-3" 03 $32.95 (WS 93)
1 bottle -- Betz Family Winery "Pere de Famille" 03 $45 (Tanzer 93)
1 bottle -- Woodward Canyon Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 02 $65 (Tastings 94)
1 bottle -- Andrew Will Sorella 03 $68.95 (Tanzer 93)
1 bottle -- Fielding Hills Syrah 03 $32 (WS 92)
1 bottle -- Leonetti Merlot 04 $80
1 bottle -- Buty Rediviva of the Stones $39.45
1 bottle -- Owen Roe Hillside ZInfandel 04 $39.95
1 bottle -- Owen Roe Yakima Red 04 $41.95
1 bottle -- Woodward Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon Artist Series 03 $39.50 (Tastings 93 pts)

$595.00 case price

  avalon wine 

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