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Owen Roe Frenzy
Sharecroppers, Kilmore Pinot noirs Released
Also Owen Roe "Ex Umris" Syrah, O'Reilly's Cab, Bergstrom Cumberland
September 12, 2005

By now many of you are quite familiar with Owen Roe - we've been selling the wines since David started his own winery, about ten years ago. Customers came into the store, asking about this new winery making huge, unctuous, luscious reds, raving about the wines, and we bought some. Thanks again to our customers, who've given us all our best ideas! And thanks to David O'Reilly, winemaker and founder of Owen Roe, for allowing us to sell them.

If David's Owen Roe Winery is known for its high end "Dubrul" reds and Walla Walla Cab, it's as well or better known for its really great value wines, both under the Owen Roe and O'Reilly's labels. Sharecropper and "The Kilmore" Pinots are just released, along with O'Reilly's Cabernet Sauvignon 04, and the Owen Roe "Ex Umbris" Syrah 04, still showing its characteristic smokiness. This follow up to the recent release of the Abbot's Table and Sinister Hand 2004 vintages completes the Owen Roe lineup for fall.

2004 was a tiny vintage, and what fruit there was on the vines was truly excellent. But scarce. I hate typing this, it's such a cliché, but it's true, so here it is again - quantities are very limited.


Owen Roe's Sharecropper Pinot noir 04 $18.86/$20.95
is a result of David's close relationships with vineyard owners in the Willamette Valley. By making the wine as partners, and splitting the profits, David works with vineyard owners to offer some great deals. This year's Sharecropper's Pinot noir is somewhat limited. The 2004 harvest was quite small, but what there was of it is quite high quality. David makes rich, dense, over the top wines, and this year's Sharecropper's Pinot is no exception. It's very rich and fruit forward. As with the first Sharecropper's Pinot last year, it offers a lot of spicy, fresh blackberry and black cherry flavors for a really reasonable price. Last year so many people wanted this wine after it sold out, if you could let us know as soon as you can if you want some, we'll do everything we can to make sure you get it. Elsewhere on the web, it's $24.


Owen Roe Pinot noir "The Kilmore" 04 $35.05/$38.95

was first offered last year with the 03 vintage.

David has this to say about the 2004 vintage:

What we have achieved with The Kilmore Pinot Noir is very site specific.  This 11 barrel lot is mostly Pommard clone Pinot Noir and is evenly split between Bob Hanson’s Cummin’s Ridge Vineyard and the Kalita Vineyard owned by Arthur and Sherri Kalita.  Each site is in the new appellation called the Yamhill/Carlton District where the Willakenzie soil type uniquely shapes the wines from fruit grown there.  The wines are rich and full bodied with black fruits and dark coffee. This ripe 2004 Pinot Noir is very rich and fragrant with a violet perfume and black fruit and coffee notes on the palate."

Less than 275 cases of "The Kilmore" were made. Elsewhere on the web, it's $40.


Owen Roe "Ex Umbris" Syrah 04 $21.55/$23.95

A big, hearty Syrah, from a vineyard heavily effected by smoke in 2001 year, but this new vintage has much less bacon fat and smoky qualities, as the forest around the vineyard recovers.

David says: "Latin for “out of the shadows”, this wine was originally crafted to express the smoky notes imparted to the Syrah grapes by a raging wildfire. One of the characteristics of this noble grape is its inherent smokiness, a flavor that comes through even without Mother Nature’s assistance".

The Bruce Morford’s Slide Mountain Vineyard in western Yakima Valley has yielded a 2004 Syrah with tremendous richness, balancing the cooler, smoky Lewis Vineyard in The Dalles, while the Elerding in Alderdale, WA has provided unctuous fruitiness. A fabulously aromatic and full-bodied Syrah! 2004 was a first rate Syrah vintage and this exemplifies all the fragrance, texture, and deep plum/gamy characteristics of great Syrah.

Like last year's wine, full of well integrated yet slightly rough tannins, with a nice edge of gamely and foresty flavors. Big black stone fruit, hints of toast, and black berry notes complete the hearty palate. Great wine with heavy, rich meats on a cold winter's day.


The O'Reilly's Cabernet Sauvignon 04 $11.65/$12.95
is mostly sold only locally, in Oregon. It's a real deal this year. David makes this wine from grapes sourced from the still relatively unknown (and thus less expensive) Hood River area, on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge, near The Dalles. It's the same area where Sineann gets the grapes for their hot, hot Old Vine ZInfandel 04 (still available to returning customers, just ask, it's marker sold out on the website). Expect a juicy, lush, easy to drink red wine with no pretensions, just good everyday plonk. A real plushbucket of a wine.


One Last Time, With Feeling:

Owen Roe Abbot's Table $18.90/$20.99
Still a little left, read about it here:

Owen Roe "Sinister Hand" 04 $21.55/$23.95


In case you didn't get the news:

The Bergstrom Pinot noir Cumberland Reserve 04 $31.50/$34.95
Mentioning this wine one more time .
It's going to be very hard to keep from opening bottles of this wine all the time. A glorious nose of vanilla spice, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, and intense hints of violets and roses is followed by flavors of blueberry, blackberry, plum, and sweet spices. A luxuriantly rich and velvety mouth feel remains for a long, long finish, with perfect acidity incorporating a hint of citrus zest and tannins broad, yet voluptuous and pure. Memorable.


With this email, I feel like the wine release schedule just shifted into 5th gear. The best wines of the NW are rolling out like a well tuned turbo Saab on US-1 (the twisty parts where you get to downshift a lot on curvy curves and feel the salt breeze on your face while the sunset turns the water steel gray and fuscia and pink). Watch this spot for more to come. Oregon's winemakers are on a roll.

Best regards,

Jean, Marcus, Chris, Kevin, and Wendy

Jean Yates
Avalon Wine
201 SW 2nd Street
Corvallis OR 97333

Marcus Looze

Chris Haggerty
Customer Service

Kevin Hanscom
Shipping Manager
(working his tail off right now, with weather cooling down
and all those cellared orders going out)

Wendy Brown

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