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Evesham Wood Tempranillo Rose 2013

Evesham Wood

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Once again all of the Tempranillo grown for us by the Ford's over at Illahe Vineyard has gone into our Tempranill Rosé. The grapes were picked when sugar levels were moderate and acid was abundant. They were crushed and soaked overnight on the skins then pressed the next morning. This year it shows darker color (similar to 2010) with aromas of strawberry and melon. 160 cases produced. - the winery

2010 Vintage Tasting Notes

Catapult yourself into summer. A unique and wonderful Willamette Valley rose with melon, fresh strawberry, white flowers, and a great citrusy zip to accent the body. If it were only a few degrees warmer, I'd be writing this note from the deck sipping a glass... - Jean

2009 Vintage Tasting Notes

Avalon friend Robyn Lillehei on Evesham's Rose of Tempranillo 2009

Stir fry inspiration is as simple as a piece of round steak labeled “50% off!” Thin sliced with a sprinkle of rice wine vinegar and garlic marinade, my bargain sizzled in the wok. Escorting the beef to a ringside bowl, I quickly tossed a colander of sugar snap peas and re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms into the hot pan. Finished with a drizzle of sesame oil, all joined together for a final lap in the heat.

Undaunted in my life-long search for wine to sip with Chinese food, I have finally found the perfect match in Evesham Wood Vin d’une Nuit. This is not Yo Mama’s Grenache – Evesham Woods’ Rose’ of Tempranillo (2009) floods the palate with an explosion of light fruit that slightly sparkles. The dusting of lemon chases legume bitters away and broadens the fruit embrace of a full flavored wok.

Unbelievably, this wine held its flavor overnight in the cooler to offer Round 2 with leftovers. Losing a few pounds before Summer won’t be so painful with low calorie food and wine like this!

- Robyn Lillehei

This year's rosé is again exclusively Tempranillo from Illahe Vineyard. We put all of our Tempranillo into our rosé this year (sorry no red Tempranillo in 2010) and still wish we had more. The same technique of crushing the fruit on one day and pressing 24 hours later was used, however this year a much darker, almost ruby red color was achieved. - the winery

2008 Vintage Tasting Notes

Previous vintage notes from the winery: "This is the second vintage in which we’ve produced our small quantity of rosé from the tempranillo grape. The fruit is sourced from two small vineyards in the mid-Willamette Valley. The 2008 vintage yielded sufficiently ripe grapes with excellent fruit acid. The resulting wine resembles a nice Spanish or Southern French rosé, with its melon and floral-scented fruit, crisp texture and light salmon color."

2007 Vintage Tasting Notes

2007 vintage - Immediate room-filling aromas of grapefruit, tangerine and rose petal, followed by crisp fruit flavors and a pleasing, palate-cleansing acidity. Great on its own as a chilled, summer afternoon quaff, and a wonderful food companion. So refreshing and delicious with barbecued chicken straight off the grill. - Avalon

Irresistible, vinous aromas of fresh strawberry and rosewater with the slightest hint of grapefruit. Crisp and delightful on the palate with summer fruit flavors and a refreshing acidity. Great with a wide variety of foods or simply refreshing on its own. - the winery

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