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Evesham Wood Wines

Evesham Wood Wines

Evesham Wood, Le Puits Sec Vineyard, and Haden Fig Wines are owned and operated by Erin And Jordan Nuccio. Their winery has a magical sense of place. Take a sip and be transported to the vineyard on a sunny summer day. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the wind in the vines, the scream of a raptor overhead, the clank of the bottling line in the cellar behind the vineyard. The scent of dry dusty red earth, fir and cedar hang in the air.

Erin and Jordan bought the winery from former owners Russ and Mary Raney in 2010 after working with Russ for several years. They have a superbly maintained organic old vine vineyard, a label synonymous with quality at a great price, and legions of loyal fans.


Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Pinot noir 2013

Beauty in a bottle. Evesham Wood founder, Russ Raney, has said from initial barrel tasting to bottle tasting, "Burgundy!" ...



$39.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2014

You need a case, then you're going to want another. At first crack, the most open and inviting young Evesham Wood Willame...



$19.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Illahe Vineyard Pinot noir 2013

A darker expression of Evesham Pinot. Fresh blackberry with red cherry flourish on the nose. Orange-spiced tea and cola hi...



$29.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Eola-Amity 2013

This step up from Evesham's Willamette Valley bottling is dark fruited and boisterous, bursting with bowlfuls of blackber...



$24.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Pinot noir La Grive Bleue 2013

New release of La Grive Bleue shows the elegance of the 2013 vintage. Tightly wound upon release, we look forward to watch...



$27.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Blanc du Puits Sec 2014

A rich, floral and spicy wine with pear, citrus, mineral and rose petal. Blending 85% Pinot gris with 15% Gewurztraminer (...



$16.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Cuvee J 2013

2012 notes: Sultry, velvety, multidimensional, the nexus between bright and dark. The 2012 rivals the 2010 as the best Cuv...



$49.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Temperance Hill Pinot noir 2013

One of the Willamette Valley's most distinctive vineyards is also one of our favorites. Super savory, with a beautiful co...



$35.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Mahonia Vineyard Pinot noir 2013

The first of the two "darker side" Pinots from Evesham (Illahe being the other), this takes me back to my first days at Av...



$35.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2013

This always reminds us of Oregon's orchards: taking a sip of this is like taking a couple bites of fresh apple and pear. ...



$16.75 Regular

Evesham Wood Tempranillo Rose 2013

Once again all of the Tempranillo grown for us by the Ford's over at Illahe Vineyard has gone into our Tempranill Rosé. ...



$14.95 Regular

Evesham Wood/Haden Fig Sampler Case

Save 16.5% from $360 retail.

Three bottles each of four different Evesham Wood and Haden Fig Pinot noirs from the 2...



$299.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Chardonnay Le Puits Sec 2012

With the slightly larger than normal yields from 2011 we were able to eke out a whopping barrel and a half from our quarte...



$26.95 Regular

Evesham Wood Bruno Pinot noir 2011

You’ve probably not heard of Bruno. It was originally intended for restaurants in Portland, so the distributor could blow ...



$15.95 Regular

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Evesham Wood Wines - Erin Nuccio and Avalon Wine's Marcus Looze

Russ Raney comments on the sale: "After 24 years of a mixture of euphoria and despair (only a little bit of the latter) - Mary & I had a golden opportunity to retire early, when we had the great fortune of meeting and working with Erin Nuccio and his wife, Jordan."

Russ says: "I'll be helping Erin & Jordan out for the next 2 years or so but that will be the extent of my "wine making activity"....certainly won't be giving up its consumption though! Hearing Erin say that "nothing will change at Evesham Wood" was music to my ears. Our philosophies on wine making and vineyard management are virtually identical."

Haden Fig

Before Erin purchased Evesham Wood, he had his own label, Haden Fig. The label continues with new releases twice a year.

We asked Erin about the future of Haden Fig when the purchase was announced: "Haden Fig will continue down the path started three years ago with even more opportunity for experimentation and allowing me to really push the envelope in working towards creating wine that truly embraces the philosophies of sustainable viticulture and natural winemaking. Jordan and I are thankful to Russ and Mary for making this possible and we are thankful to you for helping us grow. This is exciting news for Haden Fig and good things are to come!"


The name Haden Fig is curious to say the least, and I asked Erin how the name originated. He said, "When it came time to name the winery we were up to our ears in baby books trying to pick the perfect name for our soon-to-be-born baby boy. This was an enormous and exhausting task, but finally the name Haden came to us. I am not sure if we had stumbled upon the name of our winery or the name of our son, but it stuck in both cases. As for the 'fig' component, this might have been a subconscious homage to Mark Twain and his Huck Finn. It just sounded right, and it has become the name of a dream realized."

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