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Tour of Oregon 3 Bottles

Give the gift of Oregon wine! Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Syrah, all delicious.


Evesham Wood Willamette Valley PN 2012 $19.95
The best value Oregon Pinot noir. It's the Pinot we drink more of than any other. Sure, the price helps but we love this wine. Boisterous and energetic, with a mix of purple fruits and black cherries. Enjoy it now for its purple-hearted exhuberence or do as I do: buy a few cases, stash them for 6-12 months, commence drinking! An absolute must case buy.

Matello Clover Pinot Gris 2011 $21.95
Ready to have your perceptions of Pinot gris shattered? Matello's Clover, a reserve Pinot gris that is treated like a reserve wine, right down to the extended barrel aging (all neutral oak). Depth, texture, fantastic acid, it is in an elite (and small) class of Oregon gris.

Grochau Cellars
Syrah 2009 $19.95

Blueberry, blackberry, violets and hints of smoke and bacon fat carry this bold and balanced Southern Oregon Syrah, from the Rogue Valley.

Contains one bottle of each wine

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