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klee Pinot noir Wllamette Valley 2004

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klee Pinot noir Wllamette Valley 2004: Maybe it’s his wacky sense of humor. Perhaps it’s his Wisconsin roots. Or it could be that he makes great wines. Whatever it is, we love working with Chris Berg’s wines. 

You might be asking “Who is Chris Berg?” We’ve featured Chris’s “Roots” Pinot Noir on our web site and in our wine clubs for the last couple vintages. It has been among our customers’ favorite value Pinots, hands down. The 2004 sold out in a few weeks. 

So, we were eager when Chris rolled into Avalon yesterday to show us his new Pinot project “Klee.” And hot tamale, did we ever like the wine.

Our thoughts:

A nose of sweet red fruit, spicy dried oregano, and a dark flower mix, with a tad of fresh earth. Nice flavor concentration on the palate with dark raspberry, red cherry, and currant streaks. The finish is just right with dried rose, nutmeg and clove spice and red fruit. As Chris says, “It’s not just a pretty picture—it’s better than Elven magic!”

The Klee is a blend of Roots Estate fruit and “top secret yummy grapes.” We think you’ll love it. 

Paul Klee (1879-1940) was a famous teacher of the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus emphasized functionality, affordability and consistency. These attributes are also the building blocks for a good bottle of Pinot Noir. You can find the painting that inspired this label at http://www.bauhaus.de.

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Detailed Info, Previous Vintage Notes, Reviews:

Chris Berg is winemaker at a new small winery, Ruby Carbenier, and has worked at Rex Hill and Archery Summit. He also produces a popular wine called "Roots" and occasional reserve wines.

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