Avalon Wine

Feature Articles 2004

3/04 Beaux Freres:
The Fascination
of Handcrafted Pinot noir

by Jean Yates

3/04 For Lynn Penner-Ash,
Winemakng is a Passion

by Cole Danehower

3/04 It all comes out in the Blend
for A to Z Wineworks!

by Cole Danehower

3/04 Rollin Soles: Winemaker ---
Oregon Wine through
the Eyes if a Texan

by Ellen Shapiro

3/04 Wine Tale- Generosity
by Christina Kelly

3/04 Sineann's Block One
Cabernet Sauvignon -

Avalon Flash Email

3/04 Oregon Vintage 2002-
" Outstanding" 94 Points

3/04 Oregonís Great Ď02s:
The best Vintage?

by Cole Danehower

3/04 Sineann and Owen Roe-
2002 Releases- Dubrul,
Champoux Block One,
Dessert wines, winery updates

2/04 Washington Wine News
Low Temperatures may distress crops

by Anna King

2/04 Washington Wine News-
Winter Worries-
Cold Temperatures can mean Devastation

by Andy Perdue

2/04 Oregon Vintage 2003
"What the Grapes Gave us"

2/04 Oregon Vintage 2003-
Barrel Tasting Notes

by Cole Danehower

2/04 Betz Family Winery
2001 Releases, update on Bob's "retirement", WA harvest 2003 predictions

2/04 Chris Camarda on
Vineyard Management

An interview with Andrew Will winemaker and owner on how to optimize vineyards in Washington, especially his "two Blondes" estate vineyard.

1/04 Evesham Wood Winery
Burgundian organic hidden gem in the Salem Hills

1/04 Adelsheim's David Paige
Winemaker Interview

1/04 Bergstrom Winery Interview
Interview with Josh Bergstrom, for whom
the vineyard is everything, and high ratings show that wine experts agree!

1/04 Francis Tannahill Winery Profile
Sam Tannahill of Archery Summit fame +
Cheryl Francis of Chehalem =
One 14 month old son named Theo,
and a new winery whose
first releases are just out!

1/04 Canoe Ridge Winery Profile
and Winemaker Interview

Canoe Ridge is a Winery, as well as a vineyard. The release of their new Merlot Reserve 2001 prompted a re-examination of this Estate. The Merlot Reserve is luscious!

1/04 Five Star Cellars
A new generation of young Walla Walla winemakers (Cayuse, K Vintners) is joined by a young man whose Cab and Merlot are turning heads and pleasing palates.

1/04 NW Sparkling Wines
Cole D on NW Sparklers

1/04 About Sparkling Wine
by Jim LaMar


Feature Articles 2003

Domaine Meriwether
and the Lewis and Clark expedition
Celebrating Oregon's History

Shea Wine Cellars
2002 Tasting Notes
A "Homer" from Shea Stadium

Canon de Sol-
first winery in WA state to be Latino Owned

Benton Lane's
"Healthiest Pinot noir"

Gypsy Dancer Estates
"Trio of Terroirs for Pinot noirs"
bu Jean Yates

How & Why Pinot noir Ages
by Lisa Shara Hall

About Oregon Pinot noir
by Jim LaMar

A History of Oregon Wine
by Lisa Shara Hall
Exerpted from her book

Preview of New Fall 2003 Releases
Andrew Rich, Roussanne, Hells Canyon, Seven Hills, Woodward Canyon

Fielding Hills Winery
Sumptuous reds and tremendous promise

Harvest 2003
Oregon Vintage 2003- Big, Dark, and Soft
by Cole Danehower

How to Read a Wine Label - Part One
by Jim LaMar

Oregon Wine Board
Promise for a new era

Columbia Cascades Region Report
New area with many promising wineries

Italian Varietals Thrive in Pacific Northwest
The Range of Grapes has been Growing Rapidly

Townshend Cellar

"Huckleberries Open the Door For Townshend Cellars" "Lush Grape Wines to Follow"

Cataclysm, Light, & Passion
How Washington Came to Produce Some of the World's Greatest Wines

Woodward Canyon
Woodward Canyon Daughter wins Label Design Silver Medal

McCrea Cellars
is Seriously Hedonistic

Francis Tannahill Winery
"Two Oregon Winemakers Share Name, Philosophies and New Offerings"

International Pinot Noir Celebration

A Photo Journal
by Jean Yates, Avalon owner

Zelma Long
"Northwest Native Zelma Long Returns to Her Roots As Wine Consultant"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

Cadence Winery
"Keeping Pace With Cadence: Bordeaux Blends Bigger, Better"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"The Plate is Full for Harlequin Wine Cellars"
"Two Wineries, a Pike Place Tasting Room and a Miracle Baby"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"Tyrus Evan Shows Off the Diversity/Talents of Ken Wright"

by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

Kathy Casey on Cheese
Recipes and pairings with Northwest Wines

Welcome new contributor Kathy Casey, Seattle's Doyenne of Fun Food!

Seafood and Northwest Wine
Recipes from Alaska's Seafood Council with suggested NW wine pairings

"Mushrooms and Oregon Pinot Noir: A Kiss of Culinary Perfection"
by Christina Kelly

Recipes to Serve with NW Wines

Bananas Foster, Caesar Salad, lots more!

"Woodward Canyon and LíEcole Wineries Side-by-Side in Location, History"

By Christina Kelly

"Twenty Years of Schooling Keeps L'Ecole Wines at the Head of the Class"
by Christina Kelly

"Fidelitas: True to the Terroir of the Columbia Valley"

by Christina Kelly

"These Pharmacists dispensing
more than Medicine"

by Christina Kelly

"Opportunities, Love Come to French-Born Winemaker at Forgeron"
by Christina Kelly, Avalon Editor/Writer

"Northstar brings back Gordy Hill to Produce Merlot"
by Christina Kelly

"Betz Family Wines Truly a Family Affair"
by Christina Kelly

Colvin Vineyards

Paschal Winery: Dobbes takes over "Diamond-in-the-rough" to make Polished Gems
by Christina Kelly

Benton Lane: Pinot to the People

Hip Chicks Do Wine

Abacela Winery: Southern Oregon Winemaker Bets on the "Newness of Old Grape"
by Christina Kelly

"Patricia Green Cellars Below the Radar"
by Christina Kelly

Owen Roe: "A Winemaker's Dream, Living the Life of O'Reilly"
by Christina Kelly

Sineann: "The Wines of Sineann Continue to Shine"
by Christina Kelly

Allen Shoup's Long Shadows Winery: "Dream Team of Winemakers Comes to Play in the Northwest"
by Christina Kelly

"McCrea Cellars Producing Southern Rhone Blends"
by Christina Kelly

Focus on Syrah
Nw Wineries producing this spicy wine
to high aclaim

Beaux Freres 2001

"Maysara Estate Evolves from Owner's Childhood Memories"
by Christina Kelly

Taste Washington

"Woodward Canyon Promotes Winemaker"
by Christina Kelly

Dunham Merger

Kiona Vineyard Winery
"A 20 Year overnight Success"

OWAB revamp

"Andrew Will Winery Reduces offerings to Concentrate on intense Bordeaux Blends"
by Christina Kelly

Wine By Joe!

Shea Vineyards Winery:
"A Homer from Shea Stadium"


Newsletters 2004

3/28/04 Beaux Freres, Penner Ash, A to Z

3/05/04 Robert Parker 94 Points for 2002

2/9/04 Vintage 2003-
Part 1- "What the Grapes Gave us"
Part 2- Barrel Tasting Results- Brick House, Patricia Green Cellars
Part 3- Washington 2004 Worries
Part 4- Washington's Winter Weather Cycles-periodic devastation
Update on Betz Family WInery- new releases

2/04 Pocketbook Sale

1/20 Year of the Vineyard
Avalon announces our theme for 2004- The role of the vineyard in the creation of Northwest Wines

1/12 Top Ten Lists 2003
Christina Kelly's Ten NW Wine New Years Resolutions

Columns 2004

2/04 Christina Kelly's Wine Tales
“ Don’t Always Count on Sharing
Wine Passion in the Home ”

2/04 Kathy Reese on Oregon Wine Country
My Wine is Single!

1/04 Christina Kelly's Wine Tales
2004 New Years NW Wine Resolutions

1/04 Cole's Oregon Wine
Top Ten Highlights of 2003

The trends, the people, the wineries that made news in 2003

1/04 Oregon Wine Festivals Begin
Kathy Reese on what to do this winter

Newsletters 2003

12-9 Newsletter - Thanksgiving Wrapup
Brick House Vineyards
Evesham Wood Profile
New Wine Releases

12-2 Newsletter - Domaine Meriwether celebrates the Lewis & Clark Centennial
Shea 2002 Sam Tannahill,
Hottest new big reds

11-20 Newsletter - Gypsy Dancer
Gary Andrus Interview
Benton Lane "healthiest" Pinot noir
Canon de Sol story
OR Thanksgiving Wine Touring

11-13 Newsletter - New Releases
Gypsy Dancer Estates-
Gary Andrus's new winery
Andrew Rich- Cab Franc and Single vineyard Cab

11-4 Newsletter - History of Oregon Wine
The History of Oregon Wine by Lisa Shara Hall
About Oregon Pinot noir
Owen Roe New releases
How & Why Pinot noir Ages

10-22 Newsletter - Preview of Fall
Wine Spectator reviews
Andrew Rich Winery
Hells Canyon Winery
Beran Pinot noir
Dining in N Willamette Wine Country

10/8 Newsletter- Harvest 2003
Cole Danehower on the harvest
Fielding Hills Winery
Caon de Sol
Carlton Winemakers Studio
Wine Touring

9/29 Newsletter- Abeja Winery
Cristom 2001 Pinot noirs
Jezebel from Peter Rosback
Columbia Cascades Region Overview
Oregon Wine Board

9/16 Newsletter
Townshend Cellar Profile
Italian Varietals Thrive
in Pacific NW
Canon del Sol Syrah
Canoe Ridge Vineyard profile
Harvest Preview

9/11 Newsletter
Cataclysm, Light and Passion
How Washington came to produce some of the World's Greatest Wines
Canoe Ridge's New Winemaker
Wine Tales
Owen Roe Release
Patricia Green Cellars Releases

8/30 Newsletter
"Inside Scoop" on Wine Labels
Oregon Wine Touring- new columnist Kathy Reese
"What got grabbed First"- Jean's Kitchen Counter Chronicles

8/19 Newsletter
New Wine Spectator Reviews
Jean's Finds in
the upper Yakima
Darren Dimmick's "Solera"
Sheridan Vineyards Red

8/08 Newsletter
International Pinot Noir Celebration
A photo journal
Mike Etzel's "Les Cousines"
Jean's report on the IPNC

7/31 Newsletter
McCrea Cellars is Hedonistic
Francis Tannahill Winery
Patricia Green Sauv Blanc
Abeja Cab

7/24 Newsletter
Zelma Long Interview
Patricia Green Cellars
"Dollar Bills Only"
Broadley declassified Pinot

7/16 Newsletter
LA County Fair top Cab
Jean's Kitchen Sink-
Harvesting herbs

7/10 Newsletter
Woodward Canyon Winmaker
Seven new Appellations
Pixel the Wine Dog
"Ugly" Wine

6/26 Newsletter
Bob Bertheau returns to WA
Townshend Cellars
Summer seafood recipes
Broadley steal of a deal

6/15 Newsletter
Harlequin Cellars
Tyrus Evans Wines
Kathy Casey on cheese
NW Style Section

6/02 Newsletter
Woodward Canyon History
L'Ecole Story
Northstar's new Winemaker

5/21 Newsletter
Pharmacists as Winemakers
Betz Family Wines
Del Rio Vineyards
Host a wine tasting!

5/08 Newsletter
Forgeron Cellars
Joe Dobbes
Steve Girard, Benton Lane
Washington Wine Regions
Northstar Winery

4/25 Newsletter Northstar Winery

4/16 Newsletter

4/09 Abacela Interview

4/09 Newsletter

3/30 Patricia Green Interview

3/30 Newsletter

3/29 Owen Roe Quarterly Newsletter

3/25 Sineann, interview with Peter Rosback

3/17 Allen Shoup's Long Shadows Winery

Newsletters 2002

12/12 Gary Andrus purchases Lion Valley Vineyards, The struggle to Sparkle, Cole on sweet wines

12/06 Ken Wright Futures, "Homer" for Shea, Laurent Moves on from Willakenzie

11/26 Shea Vineyards named one of top US Pinot Vineyards

11/20 Former Gov Goldschmidt starts Winery, Andrew Will

11/13 Interview with founder of Delille Cellars, Dunham Cab, Beaux Freres retaste, toasty oak week 2

10/31 Patty Green 2001 Pinot noirs, Beaux Freres "Wild Thing"

10/24 On Wine Ratings, Andrew Will Winery

10/18 Distefano, Andrew WIll, Solena

10/14 Chehalem, 2002 harvest notes, Seven Hills Merlot

10/03 Cristom, Oregon Harvest, DiStefano Interview

9/19 Spring Valley Uriah, Columbia Crest Walter Clore, Lowdown on Blended Wines

9/12 Archery SUmmit, Cristom, Cole Explains it all

9/05 NW Red Wines

8/29 Kiona Cab, Pinots under $20

8/16 Carlton WInemakers Studio, Dr Loosen

8/03 Seven Hills 93 Point Wine!

7/30 Academy of Wine and IPNC Report

7/26 Washington State Fair Wine Medals

7/25 Camaraderie Cellars

7/19 SALE

7/15 Walla Walla 2

7/11 IPNC

6/30 Walla Walla

6/20 Wine Spectator top rated Wines

6/10 Patricia Green Cellars Futures, Viognier

5/05 Screwtops fo Argyle, Wine Spectator NW wine scores, Cole's new marketing column

4/30 New Wineries, Argyle releases, coupons

4/17 Oregon Seeks 6 new appellations in Yamhill Cty, Owen Roe Releases

4/14 Oregon's Pinot Trio, Eroica, Woodward New Releases

4/05 Sale and Caedence Winery

4/01 12th aniversary sale!

3/31 Broadley, Sineann, Big Reds, lots of new articles

3/21 Table Rock, Bergstrom, Eroica

3/12 Eroica!

2/27 David O'Reilly—Owen Roe, Sineann, O'Reilly