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Cana's Feast Chinato D'Erbetti Aperitif

Cana's Feast

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Cana's Feast Cana's Feast Chinato D'Erbetti Aperitif might just be the most fascinating wine made in Oregon.

The Chinato is a traditional Italian aperitif for sipping before or after a meal, and is used as an ingredient in a number of delicious drinks. They call it a "digestivo" in Italy.

Infused with over 18 different herbs, spices, flowers and botanicals, the base is Cana's Nebbiolo wine with added spirits and a touch of sugar.

Here's a popular recipe for a mixed drink with the Cana's Feast Chinato:

Negroni Highball

1 oz. Gin (Aviation or New Deal Gin #3)

1 oz. Cana's Feast Chinato d'Erbetti

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth (Carpano Antica)

Build in a highball glass over ice and top with citrus soda (such as Aranciata or Limonata). Garnish with half an orange wheel.

by Lydia Reissmueller of