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Stone Wolf Vineyard

Stone Wolf Vineyards


Stone Wolf Vineyard Winery

Stonewolf Vineyard Winery is located in the Eola Hills region of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. StoneWolf Vineyard consists of approximately 40 acres of older vines averaging over 15 years in age. The winery is known for its accessible, easy drinking wines, and for a very popular dessert wine, "Idylle".

From the winery: "The stone wolf stands tall and proud as guardian of the vineyards. From his stone sanctuary, he silently protects the land, his watchful golden eyes wary of any threat. If you let the magic of the stone wolf fable grace you with it's spirit and strength, we believe you will discover the magic of the crop he safeguards - as fruit on the vine, the wine in your hand, and finally in the gift of a memory we hope you will rekindle again and again."

Winery Update

2003 brought maintenance to the vines, including replacing end posts and wires in two of the Chardonnay blocks. This does not really impact the quality of fruit, but like changing the oil in your car, itís necessary. The winery is currently looking at what to do with an additional 5 acres that are not planted and might just make a fantastic park like setting for weddings and events. Similar to having a blank palate and a box of watercolors, its hard to decide where to start !

The vines were pruned differently in 2003, giving the winery additional control of its yields, which relates into the quality of fruit. The Pinot blocks, used to produce an Estate Wine, were left with kicker canes (additional canes) hoping that it will reduce the tonnage per acre. If yields are still too high the winery will actually go in during the ripening phase and drop fruit. Yes, they cut off the grapes that are so carefully tended to increase the complexity of the remaining fruit !




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