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Wasson Brothers Winery


Wasson is apparently on the market and may be closing, and the wines are not available. Hopefully, someone will purchase the winery and continue making the wines! We'll let you know!

Wasson Brothers Winery is a fruit farm and winery, in business since 1981. The winery is Clackamas County's oldest. They make Pinot noir, chardonnay, white riesling, muscat, niagara, raspberry, blackberry, loganberry, blue berry, peach, apricot and rhubarb wines.

Wasson Blackberry --

Wasson Blueberry --

Wasson Loganberry --

Wasson Niagra 1999 --

Wasson Raspberry --

Wasson Brothers Chardonnay 1997 --

Wasson Brothers Early Muscat 1999 --

Wasson Brothers Gewurtraminer 1999 --

Wasson Brothers White Riesling 1999 --

Wasson Brothers Zinfandel 1999 --

Wasson Rhubarb --



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