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Washington Wine

Waterbrook Winery

Eric Rindal of Waterbrook Winery

Waterbrook Winery was founded in 1984 by Eric and Janet Rindal and is located in Washington State's lovely Walla Walla Valley. Our name was chosen to complement the translation from Nez Perce Indian dialect for the name Walla Walla, meaning "running water". Production has slowly increased to a total of 30,000 cases annually.


Encompassing a vast portion of Eastern Washington, the Columbia Valley includes areas defined by the Columbia, Snake and Yakima Rivers. The region is characterized by dry, arid conditions with long daylight hours and cool nights, which allow the grapes to ripen at a slow, even pace. The Walla Walla Valley is slightly cooler and wetter. The regions must all rely completely on irrigation throughout the season as rainfall averages only 8 to 11 inches annually.


Waterbrook WineryWith every vintage, knowledge of individual vineyard characteristics and winemaking subtleties have contributed to Waterbrook wines' complexity and flavor profiles. The goal for the red wines has been to make softer, fleshier wines for early enjoyment while still maintaining the wines' depth and structure. Results have been gratifying and as such, the demand for both the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot has been far beyond supply. Waterbrook Chardonnay is now recognized as one of the most consistent, best values in its very competitive field. For five years, The Wine Spectator has listed it as one of the world's top fifty wine values. Every year new French, American and European oak is added, and the costly, painstaking work of barrel fermentation continues - a Waterbrook tradition in Chardonnay.


The Waterbrook philosophy of combining traditional winemaking with modern technology is reflected in the Waterbrook label. Local impressionist artist Aaron Burgess collaborates with high tech graphic designers of Giordano Kearfott to create a modern label with a classic element.

Aaron Burgess's bold strokes of vibrant color throughout his landscape of Mill Creek speak for themselves in the Waterbrook label. A self-taught painter, Burgess took his education into his own hands at the age of 15. With his departure from conventional education, he continued his studies in art history and ancient European literature.

Burgess strives to combine both the structure and the aesthetics of the natural world into an everlasting image on canvas. "Works of art should appeal to both experts and the interested laymen," says Burgess.

We feel Giordano Kearfott of Seattle created a wonderful label with an architectural feel combining modern lines and space to take Waterbrook into the future.

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