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Marcus Recommends 2010 Oregon Pinot noirs


Hello, and Happy Friday from Marcus at Northwest Wine!Matello Souris Pinot noir 2010

This is the time of year when I start realizing I need to buy more Oregon Pinot. Seriously, I’m surrounded by it every day so you’d think that would be enough of a reminder. But no, it took a phone call from a customer for the light bulb to glow: a lot of great 2010s are already gone, and it’s time to fill my cellar.I’ve been re-tasting a lot of 2010 Pinots – here’s short-list of wines I’ve re-tasted recently that are going all Super Bowl on my world.

:Matello Souris 2010 $37.75 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*

Matello Richard’s Cuvee Chardonnay 2010 $32.36 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*

Matello deserves an extra spot here with two wines. Heck, I could list 6 Matello wines from 2010. Having just re-tasted Souris (one of my top 10 from the 2010 vintage!) and Richard’s Cuvee Chardonnay (an incredible foray into Oregon Chardonnay), these are obvious choices.

Love & Squalor Willamette Valley 2010 $21.55 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*
If Love & Squalor Pinot was simply a product of osmosis, it would be poised for deliciousness. What?! Winemaker/owner Matt Berson is the assistant at Brooks, and makes his own wines at Matello (see above), two wineries that thoroughly impressed me with their 2010s. Matt’s Pinot is a hidden gem, with its own classy style.

Evesham Wood Temperance Vineyard Pinot noir 2010Evesham Wood Temperance Hill 2010$26.95 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*
With the hype (a lot from me) and exquisiteness Evesham’s Le Puits Sec and Cuvee J 2010s, some of the vineyard designates were forced to take back seat. I re-tasted this twice in the last week and wow!

Brittan Gestalt Block 2010 $49.45 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*
Darth Vader: imposing and powerful, its dark-heart will be loved in the end (what 37 year-old male isn’t a Star Wars fan?). I just had a glass of this and it’s showing beautifully. Have I given in to the Dark Side?

Et Fille Heredity 2010 $31.45 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*
One of the best textured 2010 Pinots I’ve tasted, just pure, rounded silkiness. This is a great choice for drinking now, which makes it my kind of Pinot.

Arterberry Maresh Weber Vineyard Pinot noir 2010Shea Estate 2010 $35.95 in any 12 bottle order or build a case*
Last call for the best-balanced Shea Estate in memory! Sometimes I forget how tasty older Shea Pinots are, until I open when and kick myself for having too few in my cellar. Not this time!

Arterberry Maresh Weber 2010 $52.15 in any 12 bottle order
Every vintage, Jim Maresh has a surprise up his sleeve. This year, it’s his Weber Vineyard Pinot. Elegant power. I over-sold Jim’s 2010 Maresh Vineyard and have zero in my stash – I won’t make the same mistake twice…

Thank you for reading and for supporting Avalon. Have an awesome Super Bowl weekend!


* P.S. Don’t forget about our Build a Case program. Buy a few bottles now, a few bottles later and when you hit 12 bottles, we’ll apply the 10% discount and shipping charge to your full order. Simply select “Build a Case” in your shipping preferences or let us know you’d like to build a case – it’s that easy.

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