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Blind Friday – A Pinot Pairing Party

We’re starting a new tradition at Avalon – “Blind Friday.”

If you want to turn a small dinner party into a medium sized one, host a blind tasting.

The event was a huge success.  I could tell because we started out with three judges, but as soon as friends smelled what was cooking we ended up with 9 judges!

I will be having another “Blind Friday” soon!

I encourage everyone to try a party like this – guests have fun eating, laughing, and comparing the mystery wines.  I made sure that nobody but myself knew which wine was in which bag, and some of the guests didn’t even know which wines were on the table.

The meal we made was a variation of something a fan submitted.  We followed the ribs recipe closely and then served with blanched asparagus and fried polenta cakes.


The Judging

Belle Pente Yamhill Carlton Pinot noir 2009

The wines we chose were

Belle Pente 2009   (wine#1)

Sharecropper 2010  (wine#2)

Westrey 2009  (wine#3)

The three initial judges tasted all the wines with clean palates to see which one we thought would win.  We wanted to see if our predictions were correct –And they were NOT.  We predicted that with this meal we would like the Westrey best, the Belle Pente second, and that the lighter Sharecropper would take third place.  Nope.

Of course there were many opinions as everyone has a different palate and we had 9 judges with varying wine experience, but we went with popular vote.  6/9 judges agreed on the following verdict.



First Place:             Belle Pente 2009

Second Place:         Sharecropper 2010

Third Place:            Westrey 2009



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