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Archery Summit Winemaker’s Personal Label: Ebony Wines


I have breaking news for you: Chris Mazepink (Ebony Wines) is the new head winemaker and General Manager at Archery Summit.   Here’s your chance to see what Archery Summit’s new winemaker can do.

We’ve been telling you for years that Chris Mazepink is something special. I saw it when he was making wine for Shea Wine Cellars and with his family label, Ebony. With 25 years in the Oregon wine business, I know a special winemaker when I see one. Chris is no longer an “unrecognized” superstar.

Chris’s personal label is Ebony, and that’s what we are offering you today. Ten years from now you’ll look back and wish you had his first Ebony vintages. Or, you can start collecting them today. He makes fewer than 400 cases of all of his wines each year.

EEbony Wines The Quarry Pinot Noirbony Wines The Quarry Pinot noir 2011
$29.65 in any 12 bottle order or build a case ($32.95)
A big, dark Pinot with more than a hint of Archery Summit’s lush style, balanced with the rocky mineral notes the soil imparts. Juicy berries, pie spice, a rich texture created by the use of wooden fermenters (a Gary Andrus tradition) and a silky finish.

Ebony Wines The Hive Chardonnay 2011
$26.95 in any 12 bottle order or build a case ($29.95)
The 2011 Ebony Chardonnay is a beautifully balanced wine made with a classic approach. Chris strives to make a “richly textured and voluptuous wine, intensely flavorful. The aroma is a perfume of apple blossom opening to flavors of lemon lime citrus and honey cream with slate, minerals and balanced acidity keep it fresh and uplifting. This is the wine I’m most proud of and follows the direction that Oregon Chardonnay is going.”

Chris MazepinkRead our feature article on Chris Mazepink:
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