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Arterberry Maresh 2012s – Must-haves


Tasting Jim Maresh’s 2012s further solidifies our conclusion: Arterberry Maresh is easily one of Oregon’s best wineries. Any Oregon Pinot or Chardonnay fan should carve out space in their cellar for his wines.
To answer the presumptive question: yes, these are “must-haves.”

New releases:
Arterberry Maresh Juliard Vineyard Pinot noir 2012
$52.15 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($57.95 regular)
Stunning aromas – more aromatic than nearly all of the 2012s released so far. Engaging notes of wild strawberry, dried orange, candied rose, brown spices and caramel, all with a sexy forest underbrush element. On the palate, a bead of bright raspberry plays alongside the dark strawberry, with subtle underpinnings of cassis and slivers of espresso and herbs. Offering a fascinating and delicious comparison/contrast to the Maresh Vineyard Pinot, Juliard is simultaneously powerful and nimble. I highly recommend it. 116 cases made.

We’re the only retailer in the country who has sold every vintage of Juliard Vineyard Pinot noir Jim Maresh has made. Perhaps it’s nostalgia but the ’12 Juliard reminds me of Jim’s 2006 White Rose Vineyard Pinot noir (I’ve had a couple from my cellar recently, still candy). – Marcus

Arterberry Maresh Chardonnay Maresh Vineyard 2012
$64.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($71.95 regular)
Before I even tasted this wine, Jim told me it was the best wine he’s ever made – that’s red and white. When I hear such statements I take them with a grain of salt until I taste for myself. With three separate tastings down, I may not be ready to crown this the best wine he’s ever made, but it’s the best Chardonnay for sure, and damn close.

The most complete Arterberry Maresh Chard yet. Precision and mouthwatering freshness meets expansive richness. Lemon custard, jasmine, a hint of golden raspberry, finishing with a touch of macadamia nut butter and sweet pear through the long finish. 75 cases made. – Marcus

And not to be missed:
Arterberry Maresh Maresh Vineyard Pinot noir 2012
$52.15 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($57.95 regular)
Imagine a mythical melding of the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Maresh Vineyard and you begin to understand the multifaceted amazingness of the 2012. The fruit structure and intensity of 2008, the forwardness of the 2009, and the balanced elegance of the 2010. Sappy, vinous, floral and perfumed fruit aromas are gorgeous. Sweet and electrifying black cherry plunges deeper to a dark berry base note. The wine stays ultra vibrant and fresh thanks to a subtle citrus accent and a sprinkling of fresh thyme that marries with the fruit. From some of the Willamette Valley’s oldest vines, planted in 1970, ’74, and ’83. Commanding and compelling today but considerably better on day two, I anticipate it will be ideal beginning in 2018, if you have the patience. – Marcus

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