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Behold: National Corndog Day!


March 17th may be St. Patricks day, but it is also another holiday – a holiday that presents a chance/challenge for me to reconcile my shameless love of ballpark food with my love of wine.



Setting the scene:  A Debussy etude plays on the radio as I get out my ingredients and favorite green apron.  I’ve looked at a few recipes and I’m ready to make my own variation.

Corndogs for pairing with Oregon Chardonnay.


Medium Ground Cornmeal 1 cup
Millet Flour ½ cup
Brown Sugar 1 tbsp
Baking powder 1tsp
2 large eggs
½ cup water, milk (I used Chardonnay)
A dash of white pepper
Cayenne pepper to taste (I like mine spicy, so I use 2 tbsp)

Vegetable oil for frying
Hot Dogs

After surveying the ingredient list, I quickly switch the radio station to classic rock!

The tools needed are:

A Cast Iron pan
A mixing bowl and a sturdy wooden spoon
Wax paper (you could probably use parchment paper too)


1)Mix together all the ingredients until the cornmeal has absorbed the liquids.  It’s ok to take a break from stirring to dance to the classic rock while you are waiting for the corn to hydrate, especially if Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones is playing.  You want your batter to be really thick, so add more flour if you need to.

1.2) Pour a ½ inch of oil in the cast iron pan, place it on the burner and turn the burner on medium high.

2) Lay out the wax paper and place a hot-dog length strip of batter on it.

3) Put the hot dog onto the strip and roll it up so that the batter surrounds the dog in an appropriate corndog shape. If the dog is not totally evenly coated it won’t matter because of what happens in the pan.

3.2) Take a Sip of your Chardonnay

4) Carefully take the newly battered hotdog and drop it in the hot oil pan. Roll it around quickly.  You will see that the batter can be moulded as the entity fries.  My uncooked dogs looked rather grim and you will see that they turned out nice and round in the end just because I rolled them around gently and quickly.

5) put the dog  on a skewer, arrange with some greens, and serve with the Chardonnay.  It’s a good day!

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