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Mussels and Chorizo Recipe with Oregon Wine

This is an easy recipe that goes over well with anyone who likes shellfish and bit of spice! Chorizo is a spiced sausage that Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, and other spicy Latin cultures use. I’ve made this recipe with all kinds of chorizo (hard or soft, spicy or mild) and also have used Cajun Andouille sausages [...]

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Oregon Wine Tasting

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the biggest time of the year for Oregon wine tasting. When you taste a lot of wines in a small period of time, they can all blur together. Keeping a record of what you taste can help to remember what you liked. And comparing the notes gives you a record of [...]

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Oregon Wine Screwcaps? Maybe.

You know, I used to be like you. “Screw caps!” I said, “I’ll never give up my trusty cork.” But no more. I have seen the light—or more accurately, I have tasted the wine. And now I’ve traded in that crusty old cork for the fresh-fangled reliability of twist cap enclosures. Oh, I’ll admit it [...]

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Two Too Good – Haden Fig Oregon Pinot noir

Two Too Good – Under $30 Haden Fig Pinot noirs Today we have two new Haden Fig single vineyard Oregon Pinot noirs that are too good to pass up, especially for under $30. They are tiny production Pinots that belong in your glass and in your cellar. These two wines encompass what makes me love [...]

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Marcus Looze and Andy Osterhaus of Avalon Wine with Evesham winemaker Erin Nuccio

2010 Evesham Wood – VOTC

“2010 is a VOTC – Vintage of the Century” – Erin Nuccio, Evesham Wood Erin Nuccio, owner and winemaker of Evesham Wood, thinks 2010 is a vintage of the century. Wait – better than 2008?! Well, they’ll age as long but they’re also a lot more approachable right now. You can open these and taste [...]

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Blind Friday – A Pinot Pairing Party

We’re starting a new tradition at Avalon – “Blind Friday.” If you want to turn a small dinner party into a medium sized one, host a blind tasting. The event was a huge success.  I could tell because we started out with three judges, but as soon as friends smelled what was cooking we ended [...]

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Behold: National Corndog Day!

March 17th may be St. Patricks day, but it is also another holiday – a holiday that presents a chance/challenge for me to reconcile my shameless love of ballpark food with my love of wine. Behold: NATIONAL CORNDOG DAY Setting the scene:  A Debussy etude plays on the radio as I get out my ingredients [...]

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Dragging of the Gut in Oregon Wine Country

As noted on our Facebook page, the Third Annual “Dragging of the Gut” Festival is being held in McMinnville, Oregon on August 24-25. While it’s about driving up and down Main Street on Saturday night ala American Graffiti, it can be interpreted in another rather hilarious way. I’m hoping there’s a little belly as well [...]

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