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Famous Secret Walla Walla Vineyard $14.35

We have the ultimate “insider’s” offer for you today. The wines are made from one of the most famous vineyards in Walla Walla’s rocks, but we can’t tell you which one. We can tell you that wines made from this vineyard have received crazy high (the highest) scores. The vineyard only sells fruit to two [...]

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What is Terroir?

“Ask Avalon” on our Facebook page asks for questions from you, our fans. A recent question, “What is Terroir?” is answered here. Terroir, terr-what? Terroir at its simplest is the idea that land with the right soil type will grow grapes that make the best wine. Skeptics of terroir point out that the effects of [...]

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Oregon Wine – Noble Rot is Good.

When it’s good, it’s positively noble. That’s the irony of the fungus called “botrytis.” “Noble rot” is a more euphemistic term for what is also called “botrytis bunch rot,” caused by a fungal organism (Botrytis cinera) that can grow on ripe or nearly ripe grapes. The unusual thing about botrytis bunch rot is that it [...]

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Washington’s Champoux Vineyard & Soos Creek Wines

Champoux. Ciel du Cheval. You can argue that there are better vineyards in Washington, but you won’t likely win. Reds from these two vineyards always command hefty prices…almost always, that is. Soos Creek Champoux and Ciel du Cheval reds give new meaning to the term “value.”  These two wines, with their amazing Cabernet backbones, are [...]

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March Wine Club Wines

The weather is behaving and we’re shipping the March Wine Club wines. Here’s the rundown. For complete information on the current wine club and links to all of the newsletters, go to the Wine Club Home Page. March 2012 Club Selections Big Reds Club Five Star Supernova 09 $32.30 Buty Merlot/Cab Franc 09 $35.70 Reserve [...]

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Januik Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 08

No-Brainer #2 – Januik Cab 08

Well I’ll be — ANOTHER no-brainer from Washington just hit the Wine Spectator today: Januik Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 08, 94 points and a “Hot Wine” in today’s Insider. Washington 2008 reds are cleaning up with huge scores in the $30 range. Januik wines are consistently excellent — Mike Januik is one of the most [...]

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