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Dragging of the Gut in Oregon Wine Country


As noted on our Facebook page, the Third Annual “Dragging of the Gut” Festival is being held in McMinnville, Oregon on August 24-25. While it’s about driving up and down Main Street on Saturday night ala American Graffiti, it can be interpreted in another rather hilarious way. I’m hoping there’s a little belly as well as cruising action.

It’s happening at the high season for wine touring in late August. And is on the same street as a handful of wine country’s best restaurants, so you can combine the delicious with the unique in one never to be repeated experience.


One Response to Dragging of the Gut in Oregon Wine Country

  1. Wayne Bailey February 20, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    This is a fun event and there are also wonderful stores for shopping. And not only are there fine restaurants downtown, there are many great wineries and tasting rooms in McMinnville and in the surrounding country side.

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