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Finally back to tasting…


It’s nearly impossible to review new releases in December. We put in some unusually late hours at the new shop (12:55 was a new record) and lacked the time and energy to open anything for contemplation (read: we opened things for drinking).

With the holiday madness behind us, we’re finally finding time to sit down and taste new wines. Expect new reviews of Oregon Pinots: Ebony, St. Innocent, Raptor Ridge, Ayoub, Owen Roe, Coattails, Cameron, Evesham Wood, Jackalope just for starters.

Speaking of Ebony, Andy and I just cracked the 2011 Olenik Vineyard Pinot noir and it rocks. Chris Mazepink’s style gravitates towards the robust; it works nicely with the cooler 2011 vintage. Sporting a nose of exotic spices and caramel, beaming with redness — fresh cherry and raspberry coulis — finishing with grated nutmeg and thyme that lingers for ages. No doubt benefitting from extra time in the bottle, the 2011 Olenik is showy now though I expect another 1-2 years of cellaring will kick it up a notch.

Now we have to get on the phone with Chris and see how much he’ll let us buy…


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