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Liquid Gold


We just tasted an amazing, unique white wine from one of Oregon’s most promising young winemakers. Only 45 cases total were made; we have a mere 10 cases to offer you exclusively. It’s liquid gold.

Minimus Gruner Veltliner Johan Vineyard 2013
$19.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($21.95 regular)
Lemons and peaches, white pepper and minerals, bright and racy with impeccable depth and richness. Aged in two cigar-shaped barrels to create incredible texture and weight you notice both from the first moment it hits your palate to the minute after you’ve had your last sip – such is its persistence. The spiciness and tang of Gruner plays in the background, complementing the sumptuous feel.

Chad Stock’s Minimus project is thrilling. He began with a series of numbered releases, each one seeking answers to questions of winemaking. We’re stoked to help launch a new chapter in Minimus wine’s evolution: single varietal wines of tremendous character, beginning with Gruner Veltliner from Johan Vineyard. Chad has helped out in many vineyards and cellars, from Antica Terra to Johan to Omero. He’s a cerebral winemaker who understands technique to the extent that art can thrive through it.

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