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Marcus Top Ten Oregon Pinot noir


Oregon Pinot noir - Black Cap 09Every June that I’ve been at Avalon,  I’ve held out for sunscreen days and one of my top ten Oregon Pinot noirs:   Black Cap. This week they’re finally both here.

Jason Lett’s Black Cap has gone from totally insider cult wine to kind-of-well-known insider wine!  Successive 93 and 94 point ratings from Wine Advocate helped, but the truth is in the taste. Our customers love Black Cap Pinot noir.

And I love Black Cap Pinot noir 09.

Black Cap Pinot noir 09 -

$42.26 in any 12 bottle order($46.95 retail)

Black Cap Pinots have one thing in common across the vintages –   every wine has aromas that produce a Pavlovian response…  they make you salivate for what you’re about to taste. Fresh-picked raspberries,  the ineffable allure of morel mushrooms,  a floral lift. It is supple and creamy,   with a finish that starts shyly and builds with time.

Like all Pinots that come out of the Eyrie cellar,   this is made for aging and should be decanted if you are drinking it soon (which you should,  just for the hell of it!). Jason has grown Black Cap from a microscopic bottling to one of Oregon marquee wines.

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