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Oregon Pinot noir review: Westrey Blowing my Mind


Oregon Pinot noir Reviews: Westrey This is a special day. A day when a winery I like and respect just flat out blows my mind. The winery is Westrey, and the wines are Oracle and Justice 2010. They stand toe-to-toe with any – that’s ANY – winery’s 2010s. And because you’re an Avalon customer, you get to hear about them first.

I had a feeling they’d be this outstanding. Right after I tasted Westrey’s entry-level Willamette Valley blend I thought, if this is the entry-level, the Oracle and Justice are going to be scary. Heading off the inevitable question, “are these really that good?” The answer is yes, and they’re delicious today.

Westrey Oracle Vineyard Pinot noir 2010
$26.95 in any 12 bottle order or Build a Case* ($29.95 retail)
A new dimension of complexity and awesomeness for Oracle. Surprisingly open and forward, this is pure silky, sappy, vinous delight. Christmas spice and crushed red fruits latched onto my olfactory and wouldn’t let go. It starts very red, billowing sweet and bright raspberry and cherry, developing a dark, palate-staining layer. Presence, persistence, intensity. A February Reserve Pinot Club selection.

Westrey Justice Vineyard Pinot noir 2010
$32.35 in any 12 bottle order or Build a Case*  ($35.95 retail)
A true eye-opener of the year for me. I gave in and stopped trying to describe the aromas – I just embraced the exotic and evocative perfume. The velvety-textured flavors have breadth and depth, flowing with black berry and black cherry, resinous and savory, I couldn’t put the glass down. As I was writing my note I realized it had been 5 minutes since I had a sip and I could still taste the bead of black berry preserves flecked with dried thyme and pepper. Production was WAY down in 2010, which adds extra urgency to grab this. It’s the best-priced Justice Vineyard designate (and as good or better than its peers).

Congratulations to winemakers David Autrey and Amy Wesselman – you guys blew my mind!

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