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Oregon Riesling From Ovum Wines



Ovum Wines Off the Grid Riesling

It takes something remarkable to turn our heads. John House and Ksenija Kostic at Ovum did exactly that last week with two stunning Rieslings.

Ovum Wines
Off the Grid Riesling 2011

$21.55 in any 12 bottle order or Build a Case*
($23.95 regular)

So mouthwatering my nose puckered when the wine hit the glass. Racy acidity mingles with a touch of natural sweetness. Think the scent of a juicy apple meets a fresh pear.  The intermingled flavors of this perfect summer white are seamless:  mango marries a smoky savoriness with undertones of flinty minerals and a sense of lift on the finish.  At dinner that night, a collective moan was heard through the room when the bottle ran dry. My advice? Buy more than one bottle!

Grown in one of the few vineyards with alluvial soil in Oregon way down south in the Illinois Valley. In the hands of John and Ksenija, Cedar Ranch Vineyard’s potential is tough to beat. - Andy

Ovum Wines Memorista RieslingOvum Wines
Memorista Riesling 2011

$21.55 in any 12 bottle order or Build a Case*
($23.95 regular)

From Argyle’s Lone Star Vineyard, located just below the famed Seven Springs Vineyard owned by Evening Land. The source for Argyle’s Nuthouse Chardonnay and Pinot noir, a few rows of its densely planted Riesling were used to make Memorista. Ksenija says that the name Memorista is an homage to when a wine’s aroma and taste recalls the memory of the first great wine you ever had.

This is Riesling the way it should be. Lush yet buoyant. Musk melon and the lightest, almost airy vanilla cream on the nose.  Both follow through on the mid-palate joined by the purest pineapple. Lip-smacking is the best way to describe the finish.  – Andy


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