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Oregon Wine News – Volkman, “Perfect”, Russ Raney


Here’s some news from Oregon wineries in the Willamette Valley.

Oregon winemaker Laura VolkmanLaura Volkman Sells Vineyard

Laura Volkman sold her vineyard and winery in Newberg and will continue as winemaker for “at least a couple of years.” She and her family continue to live nearby. The new owners are the Sauchey family, longtime Oregonians. He is a potter and the vineyard’s new name is “Potter’s Vineyard.” He will have a studio on the property.

“Potters VIneyard” will be a new label with the “Laura Volkman” label continuing.

Laura commented recently on her 2012 crop. “Perfect berries, a perfect smallish harvest” – “Perfect” is a word I’m hearing all over the valley this year. The Laura Volkman wines will have lower alcohol and she’ is liking the lower numbers. Laura has been under the weather recently but she’s feeling better these days. We wish her well, and wonder what creative new endeavor this remarkable woman will undertake now that she’s not working 14 hour days making wine and managing a vineyard! Updates to come….

More “Perfect:”

Laura Volkman is not the only winemaker calling her 2012 vintage “perfect.” Todd Hansen at Longplay Wine posted today on Facebook: ” The young wine tastes and smells great and has wonderful texture. While I’m still not ready to call it “perfect” (yet), I’m suddenly all worked up about this vintage…. nice depth and richness.” Yepp, perfect reigns as the ruler by which the 2012 vintage is measured.

Russ Raney’s Blog

Russ and Mary Raney in the cellar, back in the Evehsam Wood days

Russ Raney, former owner of Evesham Wood, has a killer blog with a focus on France. And some honest comments on the state of winemaking across the world, especially in Oregon. He’s spending more and more time living in Narboone and the winery writeups are stellar.

Check it out:

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