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Oregon wine – St Innocent’s Gourmet Winemaker

Remembering Oregon Winemaker Mark Vlossak’s Winery Feasts St. Innocent Winery‘s Mark Vlossak is a wine maker and amateur chef whose annual winery open houses in the 1990′s hold a fond place in my heart. Located in a suburban office park near Salem, Oregon, Mark turned his cement block warehouse into a joyful, fat bellied party [...]

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Oregon Wine for Burgundy Lovers

“Ask Avalon” Question For the Day, from Raphe Reeves,  Unwine’d “Name three Oregon wines for a Burgundy lover to try.” Every week we ask our Facebook readers for questions about wine. This week we answer Raphe Reeves’, a blogger and videographer about wine and food.  Here’s our answer: Well, we tried to narrow it to [...]

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Famous Secret Walla Walla Vineyard $14.35

We have the ultimate “insider’s” offer for you today. The wines are made from one of the most famous vineyards in Walla Walla’s rocks, but we can’t tell you which one. We can tell you that wines made from this vineyard have received crazy high (the highest) scores. The vineyard only sells fruit to two [...]

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What is Terroir?

“Ask Avalon” on our Facebook page asks for questions from you, our fans. A recent question, “What is Terroir?” is answered here. Terroir, terr-what? Terroir at its simplest is the idea that land with the right soil type will grow grapes that make the best wine. Skeptics of terroir point out that the effects of [...]

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Oregon Wine – Noble Rot is Good.

When it’s good, it’s positively noble. That’s the irony of the fungus called “botrytis.” “Noble rot” is a more euphemistic term for what is also called “botrytis bunch rot,” caused by a fungal organism (Botrytis cinera) that can grow on ripe or nearly ripe grapes. The unusual thing about botrytis bunch rot is that it [...]

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Crowley Pinot noir

Traveling with Oregon Pinot noir

"A "Friends of Avalon" Story By Mika Miyamoto-Shemali Wine Reviewed: Crowley Willamette Valley Pinot noir I travel a lot for work or pleasure. And I have to confess that I almost always bring a bottle or two of Oregon Pinot Noir to wherever I travel. I kind of think of it as my travel insurance [...]

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