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Willamette Wine Tour Lunch “Must Stop”


So you’re out in wine country around Ribbon Ridge, or way out towards Yamhill at Willakenzie, or up in the hills by Domaine Serene, or tasting through a lot of wines at Carlton Winemakers Studio, and you get peckish. Gotta eat.

Used to be, that meant a long drive to 99W – but now Carlton has a few nice places for breakfast and lunch. And there’s a new bakery in Carlton that has me singing (or maybe chomping.)

Carlton Bakery is in a former gas station in downtown Carlton. It is an artisan bakery as good as I’ve found in the area. They’ve only been open a few months and the locals are already snatching up a big part of their daily output.

I had breakfast there last weekend at 8:30 am. Even that early, a half dozen local people stopped by to grab the Gorgonzola croissants, the baguettes, the six grain bread, the chocolate croissants, and the fruit pastries.

They make their own puff pastry and everything comes out of their oven fresh each morning (you can watch them bake through a window in the dining room). I give the puff pastry a B, maybe a B+.

A bit more about puff pastry:

I’m a connoisseur of puff pastry and croissants. I love them and the vast, vast majority suck. And I live in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town is Corvallis.

Maybe someone up there likes me, but the best place for real handmade puff pastry I’ve found in Oregon is Le Patissier –  in Corvallis. Didier Tholognat is a Parisian baker in the strictest sense and makes his puff pastry the real way – on a marble slab with cold butter and incredible skill. More about his bakery and the incredible onion soup in another post…..

Here’s the info about Carlton Bakery:
Wed- Sat 8AM – 6PM Sunday 10-4PM
305 W Main Carlton OR 97111


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