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Northwest Wine

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Oregon vs. Champagne
Lundeen Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2012

I love Champagne. I'd be happy if I had a glass of it every day. The more Champagne I drink, the higher my standards are for sparkling wine. That's a nice way of saying that I'm awfully critical of Oregon sparkling wine. Most of it is over-sweet and over-priced, which makes my gushing over this brand new Oregon sparkler all the more surprising, especially to me. Michael Lundeen has changed my opinion of how great Oregon sparkling wine can be. My go-to Champagnes finally have some local competition.



Elk Cove is Crushing It
Elk Cove Goodrich Pinot noir 2014

June 1st Wine Spectator Insider featured a bunch of new Oregon Pinots, mostly from the stellar 2014 vintage. Get ready...we predict there will be scads of stellar reviews for the Willamette Valley '14s. We recently tasted the new line-up from one of Oregon's pioneering wineries, Elk Cove. Those guys crushed it in 2014! We expect more big scores for their whole line-up, from the luscious Mount Richmond to our favorite, Clay Court.



Yakima Red Returns!
Owen Roe Yakima Red 2013

It's with a lot of excitement and a little egg on our faces that we write this. We were told, with 100% certainty, that Yakima Red was gone forever. We even saw proposed new label designs and names. We advised you accordingly, hence the egg. Now to the excitement: our most popular Washington red wine of the last decade is back, and it is spectacular! We like this wine so much we talked with Owen Roe about custom bottling a bunch just for us.


Mark Ryan

Washington Wine:
Mark Ryan's Flagship Reds
Dead Horse, Long Haul, Lost Soul

This weekend marks the release of Mark Ryan’s flagship reds: Dead Horse and Long Haul. If you haven’t heard or read about the stunning 2012 vintage, now is the time to start listening. The ’12s we’ve tasted so far are incredible for how they combine plush fruit and the structure necessary to age for 10-20 years with ease.



Oregon Wine:
Setting Benchmarks: Evesham Wood
Le Puits Sec, Willamette Valley Pinot noirs

Today may be the best “wine holiday” of the year. Like a couple kids on Christmas morning (or like kids in candy store!) we’ve waited impatiently for the arrival of two wines, from the same winery. They are so good that both set benchmarks: one for the upcoming vintage and one for the current vintage.

The winery is Evesham Wood. The wines are Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2013 and Le Puits Sec Pinot noir 2012. Both are extraordinary, wholly deserving of a wine holiday.


Eyrie Vineyards South Block Pinot noir tasting

Historical Tasting of Oregon Wine

29 Vintages of Eyrie Vineyards' South Block Pinot noir

November, 2011
By Jean Yates

In the summer of 2011, the owners of Eyrie VIneyards conducted an unforgettable tasting of 29 vintages of their famed South Block Pinot noir. The Lett family opened dozens of cases of their best wines for a guest list of 100 people. Never to be repeated, the tasting was a once in a lifetime experience.


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